How Our Top Freelancer Reached 100 Customer Reviews

100 Reviews Top Freelancer

Since the launch of the Jungle Market in June 2018 we have had thousands of freelancers apply to join the app, hundreds of them get selected to sell their Amazon services, but only one of them has reached over 100 customer reviews. It takes a very special person to become a top freelancer on any marketplace. There is so much competition and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Come to think of it freelancing is very similar to selling on Amazon. If you’re selling a service just like everyone else then it’s harder to compete. But if you manage to differentiate yourself from the competition you have a much better chance at winning over customers. The 3 top qualities you should look for in a  freelancer are: Value – Underpromising and overdelivering to WOW the customer and exceed their expectations. Price – Providing an affordable price for the quality of work delivered in a fast timeline. Responsiveness – Responding to customer questions and inquiries in under 24hrs and providing revisions if they are unhappy with the first draft of work. If you can find a freelancer that offers all three of these you have yourself a … Read More